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Some more healthy tips in weight loss.

  • Eat a variety of food. Check that you eat correct portions every day, and include wholegrain bread, vegetables, cereals, fruit, meat, milk and dairy, fish or legumes, but choose low-fat varieties, whenever possible.

  • Increase your vegetable and fruit intake, focus on vegetables that are low in calories and contains fiber, it gives a full feel.

  • Reduce added fat, sugar and salt foods. If you have some extra food, balance it with extra exercise and burn more energy.

  • Cut down alcohol, saturated fats and drink lots of water. Avoid eating when you are stressed or angry; instead consider healthy ways to handle your feelings such as listening to music, walking a mile and drinking a fresh lemon juice.

  • Above all, exercise protects your muscles and keeps your metabolic rate at a healthy level. Increase physical activity. You need not do over strenuous exercises. Even 30 minutes of moderate physical activity burns more energy.

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