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The importance of proper Nutrition.

A holistic approach to health and wellness is to concentrate on nutrition. Your choices of food can directly influence your health, so choose a healthy diet that protects your lifestyle from disease and supports maximum fitness. Learn to have control on your diet by choosing foods wisely.

The body requires fats, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and water. Ensure, having a diet containing enough amounts of all good nutrients. These nutrients naturally provide the energy needed to regulate body functions and maintain healthy body tissue. These are the essential nutrients:

  • Proteins: It helps your bone, muscles, enzymes, blood, repair tissues, energy supply and hormones. You can get his from milk products, meat, poultry, nuts, fish and legumes.

  • Carbohydrates: Required for the nervous system, supplies energy to brain cells and muscles while exercising. Eat cereals, breads, milk, vegetables and fruits.

  • Fats: They support and cushion organs, supply energy, provide fat-soluble vitamins. The foods are grain, seeds, animal foods, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds.

  • Vitamins: This speeds up or initiates within your cells specific chemical reactions. The foods recommended are fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and grains.

  • Minerals: It helps regulating body functions, maintenance and growth of body tissues. Include vegetables, fruits and liquids, especially water. These foods regulate temperature, transport chemicals and eliminate waste.

Healthy eating promotes your ability to enjoy life, thereby improving overall wellness. Choose a healthy diet to avoid obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Avoid over eating at all times as it can erode self-confidence and lead to a negative body image. Eating well and enjoying food is a major part of a happy and healthy life, but keep everything in moderation and remain healthy.

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